Star Atlas' 1st and largest piracy guild

Libertatem in Perpetuum

About Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is the first and premier piracy DAC of the Star Atlas metaverse, and our mission is: Freedom. We live by The Code and we succeed because of our combined strength and the trust and respect that is mutually shared between crew members.


 Libertatem in Perpetuum - Freedom Forever


Piracy, PvP, Deep Space Exploration and Exploitation




Player vs. PLayer


All for One and One for All

The Code

1. Loyalty to the crew; above all
2. Never lie to the crew; this is treachery
3. Never steal from another crew member; else the black spot awaits thee
4. We share all the loot. The Cut – 3.5%* of all earnings, from everyone, will always go to the Guild DAO; Hiding your haul will be considered stealing from the crew, the black spot awaits thee
5. We are alone as one; together we are legion

Our Guild Philosophy

1. Good Vibes Only
2. All for One and One for All
3. High Risk, Max Reward
4. Never Surrender
5. Get the Booty!

...Let your voice be heard and have it echo through the stars.